I Desire More!!!!!

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To all my fabulous and fierce subscribers and visitors who have been wondering what’s up with holy chick?, I assure you that I will be back to blogging very, very soon. To those of you who couldn’t care less, well, God bless you too! I had to put some things in order in my life. First I needed to shut myself off from outside distractions and immerse myself in God’s presence. I needed clear direction. I needed more of Him! I want to operate with an excellent spirit, be a woman of character and high morals, but most of all I want to live up to my blog name and be a holy chick!

I know I’ve missed some major happenings in the Christian Community and with that being said, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, may God bless you richly! Stay fabulous and fierce! Until next time!

FYI: Fred Hammond is gonna be in the NYC next Tuesday January 24 at the Greater Allen Cathedral!!!!!!! Tickets are only $20 and everyone is getting a free copy of his latest cd!!!!!! I’m all in there!! To purchase tickets call 718-206-4600

Lisa Raye and Bishop Noel Jones Going To The Chapel & It Aint For Prayer!!!

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Lisa Raye

Bishop Noel Jones

Wow ok! For once I’m at a loss for words. Not certain of the how, when or where, but I know the who and they’re definitely and unlikely pairing. I’m nothing if I’m not honest and I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m not feeling this right here! Go ahead and call me judgmental or closed minded, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! I’m sure neither Bishop Jones nor Lisa Raye care about my opnion, but I’m gonna give it. This looks like it’ll be a hotmess circus! I remember the last time Lisa Raye was a first lady… yeah didn’t go too well.

Anyway thank you to my girl Tashia over at I Choose Gospel for the heads up!


UPDATE: While both parties confirm they have been dating for some time now, both deny the engagement rumor.

New Reality Show Starring… Mary Mary!!!

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Check this out! So I was blog surfing this afternoon on one of my favorite websites the YBF when I came across this bit of information! So it seems like Ms. Erica and Ms. Tina Campbell are venturing off into the land of Reality TV. According to the YBF the show, which is titled Mary Mary, will air on WeTV in March. For more details click here.

I was surprised because I remember seeing a video of them talking about not wanting to do a reality show which I took the liberty of posting below. I guess those WeTv paychecks brought a new perspective! Anyway I’m interested to see how the self-confessed feisty sisters will come across. Ladies please be apart of the editing process! Don’t know if I can deal with any more Nene wannabes on television.

Cut to the 1:53 mark to hear them discuss the possibility or lack of them having a reality show

Crown: Natalie Wilson & SOP featuring Faith Evans

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I know this song is old, but I still love it! Thank you Jesus for taking off Your crown and coming to earth to save a sinner like me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!What Are You Thankful For?

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As my favorite holiday season is fast approaching (can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by) I want to take some time out to reflect on the goodness of God in my life. Just let me warn you I am going to get somewhat personal in this post I hope you don’t mind. A little transparency is good sometimes and hopefully I can encourage someone along the way. So here goes…

I started this year hopeful that my season of change had finally made its arrival. I had been unemployed for over a year and I’m not gonna front I was depressed. The t-shirt business I started, Manifestation Apparel was doing well, but business wasn’t consistent. After applying to literally hundreds of jobs and receiving no response I was discouraged. In February I got a call from someone in my church who I am not close to at all requesting t-shirts. To make a long story short, she never followed through on the purchase, but she did refer me to a friend of hers. Well her friend liked my work so much that she referred me to her friend, who referred me to someone else and the pattern of referrals continues to today!

I learned an important lesson from that experience Be Open. When God wants to bless you He can use anybody.  The young lady who made the initial referral is by no means a friend of mine and when she approached me it would have been easy for me to dismiss her and miss my opportunity, but thank God I didn’t. Never count anybody out because you never know who your God-given helper will be.

As the year progressed I’ve had some ups and downs just like many people have had. In July my 18 year old cousin was brutally murdered by her step-father. She had such a bright future ahead of her and was on her way to start college, but sadly she was robbed of the chance to live out her dreams. As angry as I am about her death I am grateful to God that she was saved on baptized the year before her death. God is truly awesome!

Now its November and even though its been 2 years and 1 month since I lost by job I can truly say God has been good to me! I’ve never gone hungry not one day, all my bills are paid on time which is a true miracle because I have no source of income. My only source is God! There have been so many days where I laid in bed depressed and anxious because I didn’t know how I was going to make it. God sent help each and every time! Even though He was always there for me I couldn’t stop feeling sorry for myself. It took God taking me out of my comfort zone to show me that I didn’t have things as bad as I thought. There were people out there who were going through much worse. For the first time in October I went to the soup kitchen my mother started over 1 year ago and I saw how appreciative the men from the shelter were to receive a hot meal. Many came back to the kitchen to express their gratitude. Here I was being a Debbie Downer for the majority of the year when I had food, a house to live in with my own room, clothing and a loving family. These men had nothing and they were coming back to say thank you to us for serving them food! I felt so low because I had been so selfish and only concerned about what I did not have that I never thanked God for what I did have. The moment I acknowledged my selfishness and began to serve the needs of others the depression that had a hold on me for so many months was lifted! I have am now seeing the goodness of God through clearer eyes. He is worthy of my praise and I want to take this opportunity to give Him thanks.

God I want to thank You for…

1. Life. Many people have not lived to see this day and You allowed me to and I am so grateful for that. Every day that we are alive is another chance God has given us and it should never be taken for granted.

2. My family. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with a loving supportive family. They have been truly awesome to me. I want to give a special shout out to my cousin who took me on a cruise this summer and even bought me clothes to wear on the trip! That is the definition of self-less love!

3. My church family. God used so many folks there to come to my rescue and I appreciate all the prayers, encouragement and monetary blessings bestowed on me.

4. My friends. When you’re doing well everyone wants to be in your company, but true friends stick with you through thick and thin! Although I’ve lost several friends in the last 2 years, God has shown me who my real friends are and has even blessed me with some new ones. I am thankful to all my friends who took the time to call me, pray with me, send job alerts, take me out to lunch and dinner and be a listening ear when I was going through.

5. Jesus and the gift of salvation. Best gift I’ve ever gotten!

We all have something we can thank God for. What are you grateful for?


Black Girls Rock 2011!!! Mary Mary Singing Optimistic

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New Music Video: Le’Andria Johnson Make Him Like You

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So Matthew Knowles is over at Music World dropping big bucks to make his artist more mainstream. While I will admit the video quality and editing is great, I gotta be honest when that guy came out in the wife beater, I was more focused on his biceps than anything Le’Andria was saying in her song. I forgot for a moment that it was a Christian artist then somewhere in the song she sang the word Lord  and it snapped me back to reality lol!

That got me to thinking about all the Christian artists like Kim Burrell and Fred Hammond who have made Love albums. Even Bishop TD Jakes tried his hand at a few Love albums. While I have no problem with men and women who are MARRIED getting their love on, if I’m buying a Fred or Kim album I wanna hear gospel music, point blank period. I don’t want to see Kim laid up in a bed surrounded by candles wearing lingerie. I don’t wanna hear TD Jakes trying to be sexy as he says Satin Sheets Slide lol! Raise your hand if sexy comes to mind when thinking about Fred Hammond… waiting, waiting, waiting… no hands? Like I thought. Stay in your lane!

Anyway that’s just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

Here is the video