Is It Me Or… Do People Act Stupid After They Get Married

I made an observation recently that lead me to conclude that marriage makes some people behave, how can I say this, Stupid, Idiotic, Foolish, Turd like (if you’re wondering what turd means click here) and the list goes on.

Let me say this, I am in no way a hater, so please don’t bombard me with Hater comments. Anyway this past weekend I had an encounter with a newly married man from my church and I asked him a simple question and he informed me that I would have to ask his wife. WHAT?!!!!  Folks I asked this negro a simple question like can you turn off the light switch. Are you serious! Can’t you think for yourself?

I’m sorry, but that is a large plate of peas rice mixed up with jerk chicken and a side of HOTMESS pie. I didn’t know marriage made people lose their common sense. That would explain a lot actually lol.  Too often I see 2 seemingly normal people get married and then one or both of them lose their personalities. Its understandable for some changes to occur because marriage is life changing, but when the smoke clears and beauty starts looking like a beast, and prince charming reverts back to a frog, you’re gonna want to be around your friends.

Word to the wise, don’t scare your friends and family away by acting like a freakazoid.

Think about it, your significant other married you because they love you just the way you are (hopefully). Why you gonna start changing after the fact? You got them, so relax and remember:

Be Fabulous, Be Fierce, Be You!


2 Responses to “Is It Me Or… Do People Act Stupid After They Get Married”

  1. LOL! That does sound pretty crazy. That marriage probably won’t have a happy ending. Society has twisted a lot of things, mix that in with religion and people are walking around clueless. Marriage is not a death sentence it is a wonderful union that brings you to life and creates life ❤

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