Kierra Sheard’s Free Dropped Today To Rave Reviews!!!!

Today Kierra Sheard dropped her much anticipated album Free! I heard all the tracks and its banging! Its definitely worth having in your collection. I am very hard to please, but I have to say I like all the songs. Track 6 Desire is my favorite so far. I hope she makes that her next single.

I admit that while I have always liked Kierra (she seems like she has an awesome personality), I haven’t always been a huge fan of her music. In my opinion she has always had one or two songs per album that I really liked, but the others seemed like throw aways or album fillers. I am proud to say that Free has no throw away songs or album fillers. Every song embodies that of an individual who has grown lyrically, musically, in experience and most of all in God.

While others are running around using gimmicks to sell albums, Kierra uses the anointing of God on her life and its the anointing that makes the difference!

Well done Ms. Kierra Sheard!

To hear snippets click here


2 Responses to “Kierra Sheard’s Free Dropped Today To Rave Reviews!!!!”

  1. djfiremanuk Says:

    I agree the album shows musical growth but don’t hear what you’re saying when you refer to throw away tracks. Free is a great album though that does demand multiple listens.

    • Hey thanks for the comment!
      To clarify I said her previous albums had album fillers and throw away tracks. This current album Free is awesome all the songs are good, no throw aways or fillers

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