Lisa Raye and Bishop Noel Jones Going To The Chapel & It Aint For Prayer!!!

Lisa Raye

Bishop Noel Jones

Wow ok! For once I’m at a loss for words. Not certain of the how, when or where, but I know the who and they’re definitely and unlikely pairing. I’m nothing if I’m not honest and I’m gonna go ahead and say I’m not feeling this right here! Go ahead and call me judgmental or closed minded, but that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it! I’m sure neither Bishop Jones nor Lisa Raye care about my opnion, but I’m gonna give it. This looks like it’ll be a hotmess circus! I remember the last time Lisa Raye was a first lady… yeah didn’t go too well.

Anyway thank you to my girl Tashia over at I Choose Gospel for the heads up!


UPDATE: While both parties confirm they have been dating for some time now, both deny the engagement rumor.


15 Responses to “Lisa Raye and Bishop Noel Jones Going To The Chapel & It Aint For Prayer!!!”

  1. I dislike the fact that you call yourself a so called Christian; which you’re not. God loves us all! Do you not know about the redeeming blood of Jesus that same blood that has washed away your sins yesterday, today and tomorrow? It amazes me that you have a blogged for Christian woman and the first time someone that does fit your line up of what you deem to be fit for the kingdom you judge. What happen to the word of God? Are you here to build up the Kingdom or tear it down? As woman we need to support woman of all backgrounds to show them that there is love and true sisterhood in the Kingdom of God, but if a women is sexy, stylish and fits, you fate christian turn your noise up! I will pray that you fine the true Love of God in your life so that you will use the wonderful platform God has blessed you with to build up the Kingdom for all women be it Worldly or Saved!

  2. Scratching my head and politely clearing my throat and thinking ……… WOW!!!!

  3. If it is true I am happy for the both of them, everybody deserves to be happy and I pray that God give them both what there heart desires… Now for the haters you have done nothing but confirm that God has there backs, because haters don’t hate on things that is not going anywhere YALL hate on things that is great and have a great future. So with that being said thanks for the confirmation that they have made the right move, be happy Man and Woman of God…

  4. Tiffany Pierce Says:

    I think its a beautiful thing! U do what makes u happy! People always judging another or saying whats best for them. I say they need to worry bout their own lifes. One thing I know and its for certain that as long as u serve GOD u will have a bless life. Im happy for u and u do what makes u smile.

  5. Tiffany Pierce Says:

    Also I could be wrong but still in all Lisa Raye has to answer to GOD for her own faults. With that being said she is a human being just like us, so were no better than she. She may be seriously in love. One mistake and or bad relationship shouldnt reflect on the next. Sometimes what u think may be best for u might not be best. Also what u think isnt best may be the best. Things happen like that in life! Good Luck Lisa Raye!

  6. Come on Diane! Lets be real here. Just because your christian doesn’t mean you no longer have an opinion! This is an honest opinion of how she thinks it’ll play out.

  7. Holy Chick I agree this is a hot mess! The Bible does say that in the “end times” folks will call right wrong & wrong right!! I have a question for all those who are quick to hollar don’t judge.

    Why is it when someone speaks truth according to the Word Of God & remind some and/or inform others about the accountability of those in leadership like Bishop Jones it’s quickly called you’re judging someone?!?

    Bishop Jones supposed to be a honorable man so how and why is Lisa Raye even on his radar screen?( LUST) HOLINESS will always be right because it’s a standard God have put in place for His people & we have to be ever so careful that our walk lines up with our talk and standard.

  8. If you believe that you will believe anything lol

  9. Robertmccloud Says:

    If shes truly a saved sister its honorable

  10. The bishop is a real whore he’s been linked sexually to many woman across america just another freak in the pulpit.

  11. Pastor Tina Blanks Says:

    This is a over the top Hot Mess.COM! Is the Holy Spirit Leading Jones now, is the question?????

  12. Noel jones is a FRAUD, he’s been whoring around and using his power and money to mess with a lot of ladies over the year. He has BAD KARMA and will reap all he’s done to people back. He is a negative jealous envious person. Especially of Jakes!
    Lisa met his mother this fall and Mother Jones was not impressed, she is very upset and is not in agreement. He told his mother”I think she’s the one, I think I love her”! LOL…Mother Jones ain’t happy.
    Noel has had some good Strong Godly Sanctified HOLY GHOST FILLED woman BUT, he wants to continue to wallow in sin…His family is afraid she will ruin him, when she doesn’t get her way…and trust in Noel’s kingdom you have to play by his rules…she will ruin him and he’s doing a pretty good job at that himself.
    If I had a dollar for every woman he “she’s the one” , I’d be rich!
    Noel has a serious drinking problem and is very controlling and nasty. Lisa only cares about the money…and yes, she may have given her heart to the LORD, but it is seriously equally yoked. He is start struck and has been talking about it all week excited about the drama and attention.
    He won’t give up any $ to his “ladies” unless there is sex involved. He needs to be in REHAB! He lures and manipulates his ladies by promising the yellow canary diamond he purchased for his 3rd fiancé Nora Payne…Lisa will be on her 3 rd marriage and if she is sincerely repentant and ‘not acting” she wouldn’t be dogging her 2nd ex husband out all the time…PLEASE…Guys if they want to marry…
    “LET A MUT BE WITH A MUT”…Lisa you know you read these post…stop fronting. Time will tell how truly saved you are, by your fruit. And TRUST his “side pieces” who work at his church, and attend his church and still sleep in his bed…and that have been around for 10+ years will make their presence know..time will show it all.

  13. For all self caused judges let me first of all suggest to the very one who quote scripture. Remember the bible says regard not accusation against a elder except it be with two or three witnesses!! Secondly how can you say that bishop jones life style is that of a manipulator and fraud and a alcoholic? why would you want to put that out on a man? We who are in the body need to remember Love Covers A Multitude of Sins. It says Cover yet Not Condone Sin. We need to stop pointing fingers at the pulpit and the pew we are driving people away from the body of Christ. When the record is revealed there is innocent blood on peoples lives that we cause.

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