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Yolanda Adams New Clothing Line: Who’s Buying?

Posted in Christian Clothing Lines with tags on October 1, 2011 by holychick

Well what do we have here? It seems that the very talented and beautiful gospel singer known as Yolanda Adams is starting her own clothing line called The Yolanda Adams Collection (wonder how long she took to come up with the name lol). According to Ms. Adams the line is geared towards “ample beauty-bodied women” (huh?). The site claims that the “collection features a
large selection of designer knits produced from the finest known yarn in America” and is described as timeless and sophisticated. The pieces range in price from $100-$2000. (Lawd have mercy!)

Honestly I doubt I’ll be making any purchases because I didn’t see anything that was my style, but I do encourage you to check out her website The Yolanda Adams Collection

The site does look very sophisticated and well put together. The models look professional (not usually the case for most Christian clothing sites I’ve been on) and Yolanda looks amazing! I say well done, give that girl an A for effort!