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Kierra Sheard’s Free Dropped Today To Rave Reviews!!!!

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Today Kierra Sheard dropped her much anticipated album Free! I heard all the tracks and its banging! Its definitely worth having in your collection. I am very hard to please, but I have to say I like all the songs. Track 6 Desire is my favorite so far. I hope she makes that her next single.

I admit that while I have always liked Kierra (she seems like she has an awesome personality), I haven’t always been a huge fan of her music. In my opinion she has always had one or two songs per album that I really liked, but the others seemed like throw aways or album fillers. I am proud to say that Free has no throw away songs or album fillers. Every song embodies that of an individual who has grown lyrically, musically, in experience and most of all in God.

While others are running around using gimmicks to sell albums, Kierra uses the anointing of God on her life and its the anointing that makes the difference!

Well done Ms. Kierra Sheard!

To hear snippets click here


Jessica Reedy: From the Heart

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For my BET Sunday Best peeps, here is a post that is sure to please. I was a bit hesitant to post anything concerning the show because this past season was the first time I’ve ever watch the show (gasps). So truthfully I had no clue who Jessica Reedy was. However, recently, I kept seeing pics of this beautiful girl popping up all over gospel sites. Since I love beautiful things (no homo) and I like to be nosey well informed, I did some research on Ms. Reedy.  Turns out that Jessica is the runner-up of Sunday Best Season 2 and the child can SANG! From what I gather, Jessica is truly a lovely person, very real and very humble (she got my vote). Her long-awaited album From the Heart dropped September 27.  The staff over at DaGospelTruth did an excellent full album review that you can check here

It’s always good to see young people making the decision to devote their lives and talents to God. Jessica Reedy has a mainstream look and would have been accepted as a secular artist (on the real a lot of “gospel” artists are only in the genre because they will stick out like a sore thumb elsewhere. I’m just saying), but she chose to do it big for God and I am definitely consigning that! So to my fellow Christians lets support our sister as she spreads the message of God’s love to the world. There ain’t a worthier cause than that!