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How Do You Know When You’ve Met The “One”?

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As a single Christian young woman, often times thoughts of the “One” crosses my mind. I wonder what he’ll look like, what his personality will be like, how will we meet etc. The only thing I know for sure is that my “One” must be unequivocally sold out for God! No exceptions, no substitutions, no half stepping and no fronting about it!

As my early 20’s are becoming a distant memory (we had some great times!), and my “One” has yet to make his appearance, I’m beginning to get the side eye from everybody! Don’t you just love the why are you still single question?

Side note: A friend of mine said that every time he goes to a wedding people ask him so when is it going to be your turn or they say you’re next! So he said the next time he goes to a funeral he’s going to go around and ask people so when is it going to be your turn or point to someone and say you’re next! LOL, he’s a hot mess.

Either way I don’t have an answer to the why I’m still single question and even if I did I still have to wait on God’s time. People don’t seem to get that and try to match me with anybody just as long as the person is single. A friend of mine even told me straight out I know you’re not going to like him, but he’s single. WHAT!!! ! Not wanting to be closed minded I ask is he a Christian? She says I don’t know, but he’s funny. Lol, thanks, but I’ll pass! I am no where near desperate so why is everyone else desperate to hook me up. Relax everybody!

This is not only my reality, but it is true for so many of my single friends, both male and female. The worse part is that when one person from the group gets blessed to change their facebook status from single to married, they act like they are now a part of an elusive secret society that only those lucky enough to have met the “One” are allowed membership. There becomes an unspoken divide between the have and the have not.

While some people become stuck on stupid once they get married, there are plenty more couples who we singles can gain wisdom from. I enjoy listening to these couples rehash how they met and talk about how they knew their spouse was the “One”. Though all the stories differ there is always one commonality, PRAYER! Marriage is life changing and too important not to include prayer. Seeking God’s guidance can make the difference between truly meeting the “One” and making “One” of the biggest mistakes of your life!

Recently I came across and article on Single Black Male discussing this very topic. It was very interesting and worth checking out so click the link and take a look at the male’s perspective on the “One”.

For all my married folks out there I would love to hear about how you knew you met the one, so feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience!


Kierra Sheard Singing You Are Live at Stand One Boody

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This Is Me (Kierra Sheard album)

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On October 1, 2011 Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey and his wife Joann Rosario Condrey hosted the Stand One Body Campaign in Atlanta Georgia. The purpose of the event was for all Christians to join together in one place to lift up the name of Jesus and win souls for the Kingdom of God.

The event was a huge success! Thousands got saved and were baptized. Can you imagine that!? I’ve never seen a huge alter call like that much less that many baptism candidates! God is amazing!

Anyway some of gospel’s biggest artists were there ministering and here is a clipp of Kierra “KiKi” Sheard tearing up the stage with her latest song You Are off her album Free which will be released October 18.

She is doing it big for Christ so be sure to support her!

Dorinda Clark Cole Suicide Attempt!!!!!

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Wow! When I came across this story I said yeah right, but after watching the video and seeing Dorinda admit that she did in fact try to end her life, I thought Lawd Jesus!

After seeing such and accomplished woman of God (who by the way has a new cd out called  I Survived) be so transparent about being so broken and fed up with life that she was willing to commit suicide, I started to think about my own life.  Truthfully, things have not gone the way I’ve envisioned.  In fact sometimes I feel like I’m living a nightmare. Everyone says trust God, have faith, it’ll get better.  Honestly its easy to say that when things are going well for you, but when you’re in the fire you don’t WANT words of encouragement, you NEED God to step in a save you!

Watching Dorinda on the video was like an awakening for me. I was like thank you, finally someone is being honest! Folks, when you become a Christian life doesn’t suddenly get easy. People feel like Christians shouldn’t have problems because we have God. We even go so far as to look down on each other when problems do arise because we assume that the person has sinned or done something to bring about the negative circumstances. Its almost like saying you’re bad and you deserve what you’re going through.  

I will admit that I did feel like God was punishing me for something I’d done. I cried out to God asking Him to reveal what I had done so that I could make it right and I heard nothing from Him. I fasted, I prayed, I sowed seeds, I went to deliverance services, I did everything I could to get God to answer me and show me His path for my life. Still nothing. I said God am I so rotten that You refuse to talk to me? I think that was the hardest thing about going through my trial, feeling that God had turned His back on me.

So when Dorinda said she was giving up because she wasn’t hearing from God, I truly understood how she felt. For a Christian, that intimate connection with God is our lifeline. Without it you feel hopeless, its like life is not worth living. But, right when the story was about to have a tragic end God showed up and He called her name, hallelujah! God isn’t only calling Dorinda’s name, but He’s calling my name and your name. He sees you at the end of the rope and He’s saying I have a better plan for you! God didn’t save the 3 Hebrew boys from the firey furnace, He got in there with them!

Sometimes the trouble that we face is not the result of sin or disobedience or somebody doing you something. It is simply God pruning us so that we will produce more fruit (John 15:2).  Its not that He isn’t listening to us or is ignoring us, but He is working on us. The pruning process may seem long, heck I’m still going through it myself, but God’s ultimate plan is to prosper us and give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

So despite what I’m going through, I’m going to stand on God’s promises and hold Him to His word. I encourage you to do the same. At the end of it all, we can look back like Dorinda and say I Survived!

Is It Me Or… Do People Act Stupid After They Get Married

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I made an observation recently that lead me to conclude that marriage makes some people behave, how can I say this, Stupid, Idiotic, Foolish, Turd like (if you’re wondering what turd means click here) and the list goes on.

Let me say this, I am in no way a hater, so please don’t bombard me with Hater comments. Anyway this past weekend I had an encounter with a newly married man from my church and I asked him a simple question and he informed me that I would have to ask his wife. WHAT?!!!!  Folks I asked this negro a simple question like can you turn off the light switch. Are you serious! Can’t you think for yourself?

I’m sorry, but that is a large plate of peas rice mixed up with jerk chicken and a side of HOTMESS pie. I didn’t know marriage made people lose their common sense. That would explain a lot actually lol.  Too often I see 2 seemingly normal people get married and then one or both of them lose their personalities. Its understandable for some changes to occur because marriage is life changing, but when the smoke clears and beauty starts looking like a beast, and prince charming reverts back to a frog, you’re gonna want to be around your friends.

Word to the wise, don’t scare your friends and family away by acting like a freakazoid.

Think about it, your significant other married you because they love you just the way you are (hopefully). Why you gonna start changing after the fact? You got them, so relax and remember:

Be Fabulous, Be Fierce, Be You!