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How Do You Know When You’ve Met The “One”?

Posted in Patiently Waiting...Sort of with tags , , , , , , , on October 30, 2011 by holychick

As a single Christian young woman, often times thoughts of the “One” crosses my mind. I wonder what he’ll look like, what his personality will be like, how will we meet etc. The only thing I know for sure is that my “One” must be¬†unequivocally sold out for God! No exceptions, no substitutions, no half stepping and no fronting about it!

As my early 20’s are becoming a distant memory (we had some great times!), and my “One” has yet to make his¬†appearance, I’m beginning to get the side eye from everybody! Don’t you just love the why are you still single question?

Side note: A friend of mine said that every time he goes to a wedding people ask him so when is it going to be your turn or they say you’re next! So he said the next time he goes to a funeral he’s going to go around and ask people so when is it going to be your turn or point to someone and say you’re next! LOL, he’s a hot mess.

Either way I don’t have an answer to the why I’m still single question and even if I did I still have to wait on God’s time. People don’t seem to get that and try to match me with anybody just as long as the person is single. A friend of mine even told me straight out I know you’re not going to like him, but he’s single. WHAT!!! ! Not wanting to be closed minded I ask is he a Christian? She says I don’t know, but he’s funny. Lol, thanks, but I’ll pass! I am no where near desperate so why is everyone else desperate to hook me up. Relax everybody!

This is not only my reality, but it is true for so many of my single friends, both male and female. The worse part is that when one person from the group gets blessed to change their facebook status from single to married, they act like they are now a part of an elusive secret society that only those lucky enough to have met the “One” are allowed membership. There becomes an unspoken divide between the have and the have not.

While some people become stuck on stupid once they get married, there are plenty more couples who we singles can gain wisdom from. I enjoy listening to these couples rehash how they met and talk about how they knew their spouse was the “One”. Though all the stories differ there is always one commonality, PRAYER! Marriage is life changing and too important not to include prayer. Seeking God’s guidance can make the difference between truly meeting the “One” and making “One” of the biggest mistakes of your life!

Recently I came across and article on Single Black Male discussing this very topic. It was very interesting and worth checking out so click the link and take a look at the male’s perspective on the “One”.

For all my married folks out there I would love to hear about how you knew you met the one, so feel free to leave a comment sharing your experience!