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You Know You Wrong For This: Lucinda Moore

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What could make someone as beautiful as this

wear something as triflin as this

and this

Why girl, why (this is bringing tears to my eyes)

Lucinda you get a big fat YOU KNOW YOU WRONG FOR THIS!!!!


Style Spotlight- 21:03

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By Administrator

If you’re heavily into the urban gospel music scene then you’re definitely familiar with these young men. The group 21:03 has been blazing up the gospel charts with songs like You and Cover Me off of their Total Attention Album and now they’re back with another hit album Evoloved…from boys to men.  Not only can these young men sing, they can dress their behinds off! So I dedicate this first style Spotlight to none other than 21:03!

You can find out more about these guys on click here or check out their facebook page